Health and Safety Gone Wrong?

Another tragedy in the construction and demolition world. Our thought goes out to the families involved.

What will the findings of the investigation uncover?
It is worrying to see the trend of fatal accidents increasing in the construction industry. Are we seeing profit over safety creeping back into the industry?

Are the penalties for companies involved strict enough? We are all told when learning about Health and Safety that the effects of being involved in a serious or fatal accident can be very high, with reputational damage, the financial burden of recovering from the incident, and increased costs. It was also said that your likelihood of winning any further work would be seriously hampered.

Do we still believe this to be true?

Be interesting to hear from construction and health and safety professionals’ thoughts.

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Worker crushed to death on Tottenham demolition site


  1. Accident Investigation - Health Safety and Environmental Ltd left a comment on August 5, 2020 at 10:54 am

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