Safety, Plant safety, Accident investigation, Risk assessment

Accident Investigation

  • August 5, 2020
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Accident investigation, Health and Safety, Risk Management

Accident investigations of serious incidents are on the increase throughout the construction industry.

Are we seeing a rise in incidents due to post COVID recovery?




Below are some of the questions we belives should be asked during accident investigations. They may not be the most comfortable, but they need to be asked, and the answers digested. only after a thorough accident investigation can a company implement new controls and prevent future occurrences.

Are companies thinking they need to push harder and work faster to recover lost revenue from the last few months? if so are they trying to save money by cutting back on staffing levels or safety? It is an easy mistake to make when looking for savings. The decision not to employ an extra person to be banksman for machinery, not purchasing the extra barriers required to create safe pedestrian routes.

Smaller companies may be feeling the pinch more than others, this can lead to poor decision making. There is also the unseen factors that can drive employees to act inappropriately or out of character. If they have been made aware or have overheard management talking about money and the company being at risk or under pressure to produce enough work to keep people employed. these indirect communications can lead to operative and employees feeling under pressure even if there isn’t any direct message to them. it is very important to ensure you are aware of what you do say and equally important to know what you haven’t said and the consequences of both.

Safety, Plant safety, Accident investigation, Risk assessment

Health and safety standards should be kept as priority number one, even through tough times. Staff should be trained and competent to do their tasks and be encouraged to speak up when something is not right.

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We wish Shannon Brasier a speedy recovery and hope her family has the right support during this harrowing time.

Demolition worker fights for her life after site accident


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